Paso Robles Water Integrity Network PAC

To be Informed is to be Forewarned!

PR-WIN believes in educating residents about the laws regarding their water rights and encouraging an open and honest discussion on issues related to water banking, paper water, sustainability and new taxes. PR-WIN believes that personal decisions made by landowners about their own groundwater use is the only true local control. Informed citizens will not make irreversible decisions that can hurt them and the Paso Robles Groundwater basin in so many ways like a bloated government bureaucracy can and will.

Before you vote on AB2453, educate yourself on the issues!



  • The CASGEM ranking of the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin as a high priority basin has nothing to do with water issues and nothing in the powers of the proposed AB 2453 distict will change its ranking. This article explains why. The case of the Curious CASGEM data
  • COLAB SLO County Weekly Update August 16th thru August 22nd, 2015 PASO WATER DISTRICT TAX PROPOSED (AND THEY WANT TO TAX YOU EVEN IF THE WATER DISTRICT PROPOSAL FAILS) Analysis by Mike Brown of COLAB. Detailed review of the proposed funding mechanism for the AB 2453 District.
  • DWR Bulletin 118 The Bulletin 118-2003 information page from the DWR website.pdf
  • Interactive Paso Robles AB 2453 Water Management District Map You can Zoom in to see the parcel boundary then click on parcel and you can see parcel number and size.
  • Protect Our Water Rights (POWR) is the largest landowner organization in the Paso Robles Basin. They are against the formation of the AB 2453 Water District and believe adjudication is the proper way to manage the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin. Their website is
  • California Statewide Groundwater Elevation Monitoring (CASGEM) data is used by SGMA to determine if a basin needs a GSA/GSP. This page is an index for all related documents to the CASGEN system.


  • Paso Robles, CA, -Paso Robles Water Integrity Network PAC (PR-WIN PAC) would like to thank all who supported the effort to oppose the formation of the Paso Robles AB 2453 Water District. Despite overwhelming opposition from basin residents, the Local Agency Formation Committee (LAFCO) has decided to move the matter forward to a vote that will take place in March 2016.

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  • October 13th, 2:00pm POWR COURT case management conference, in San Jose
  • POWR Meetings

    Protect Our Water Rights or POWR, is a group of people who have filed for Quiet Title to protect their water rights. Quiet Title is the best way to protect your water rights. It is not too late to join, but time is running out.

      Meeting schedule
    • September 23rd 6pm Steinbeck Vineyards
    • October 14th 6pm Steinbeck Vineyards
    • October 28th 6pm Steinbeck Vineyards

    You can find more information on their website: